During 2020 I have watched in admiration as organizations of all stripes have navigated a climate of extraordinary uncertainty, driven by their passion and commitment to their employees, customers, and constituencies. Through my advisory practice and pro bono work, I am grateful for the opportunity to support outstanding people, their organizations, and initiatives that are making an impact.

These projects include:

  • Strategy advising for a global humanitarian organization dedicated to significantly improving the welfare of working equines and the people they serve throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas, and the Caribbean;
  • Development of a management program for an international building trade union;
  • Capacity building and technical assistance for a start-up business association supporting businesses in a Latino community in Worcester, Massachusetts;
  • Operations planning for an environmental monitoring organization;
  • Retreat facilitation for a regional workforce development association;
  • Organizational sustainability planning for a national organ donor initiative;
  • Strategic plan development for a 100-year-old Boston business association;
  • Business planning for a hospice organization;
  • Board development for a community music school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana;
  • Program expansion strategy for a national social impact initiative providing long-term investment education for high school students in underserved communities; and
  • Capacity building advising for a health care initiative dedicated to supporting midwives in Haiti through education and professional development programs.

Some of these projects were completed pre-Covid, but much of it took place as the pandemic unfolded, with all of its complications for organizational efficacy, work that depends on human interaction.  It tested everyone’s patience and creativity to make progress in a difficult time.

To all of you, thank you.